Speed Reefer Corals

prides itself in cultivating many exceptional high end and rare corals.  Many of these started as small frags that we aqua-cultured and acclimated for aquariums before new frags were made, grown, and sold to hobbyists.


We, like most people in this business, started out as hobbyists. Our love for corals began 10 years ago with a 30 gallon tank. Figuring out what to feed the corals, the best lighting and developing a system has led us to grow the quality corals everyone seeks us out for. We pride ourselves in our efficient shipping process and look forward to sharing our pieces of the ocean.


We know what made us happy and want to share our happiness and success with our all our customers.


After a decade of experience we know reef-keeping will always challenge and surprises us, so we meticulously plan and prepare for every imaginable problem.  That’s why we’ve set-up 5 completely independent systems each with its own filtration.  We still expect issues to pop-up, maybe that’s part of the appeal and fun.

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